Refraction Standardisation Course

Uncorrected refractive error is the leading cause of visual impairment which can be avoided by a simple refraction and appropriate spectacles. This course is designed as an interactive course to refresh optometrists’ skills and knowledge in conducting refractions and prescribing spectacles to standard refractive cases within their clinics.

 Eye health field


 Assumed Knowledge and  Prior Knowledge

Optometrist or equivalent

 Number of      Weeks/Days/Hours

Course structure:
- 2 hours per day, 3 days per week
- Face to face (theory and practical) workshop (6 weeks)
- Supervised practice (4 weeks)
- Theory & Competency exams (2 weeks)

 Contact Hours

72 hours Face to face

 Commencement Date

5th NOVEMBER 2017

 General Course Fee

300 KD

* Fees include all training materials and course certificate
* To be eligible for promotional group pricing, the participants need to be participating in the same course and be invoiced jointly.
* For promotional group fees, please contact us.

Course Aim

The Refraction Standardisation Course aims for learners to develop the ability to conduct a refraction and prescribe spectacles for standard refractive cases, referring for complex cases

The duration of this program is three months but the participants have the option to register for the whole course or customise the program and join the individual units during the course is running. This option allows the participant to choose which units to include in the course.

Units of the refraction course include

1. Visual Acuity
2. Retinoscope
3. Best Vision Sphere and cylindrical Refraction
4. +1 Test, Accommodation control and Binocular Balance
5. Near Refraction for Presbyopia
6. Prescribing Spectacles (including for presbyopia and astigmatism)

For the detailed agenda of the course, click here.

On successful completion of this course, learners should be able to:

1. Perform an accurate and efficient refraction on standard adult patients in their clinic
2. Prescribe appropriate spectacles to their patients
3. Refer complex cases for eye health care

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