Page 99 – To load label sheets Page Page – To store a non-standard custom paper s To Load Postcards Do not load more than 10 enve- lopes. Place a blank sheet of paper of the same size over the document. To replace the staple cartridge for the saddle kit While holding up the paper output tray, remove the staple cartridge. Press the [Copy] key, and then touch [Orig. Press the [Copy] key, and then touch [Finishing] on the touch panel.

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Imagistics im2520f User Manual

Our accessories include toners, imaging units, developers and copier parts such as f Page 22 Opened when clearing paper misfeeds. Pull the lever for the setting guide, and open it.

Book page order Both the left and the right sides are double-sided. Printfr 2in1 copying and single-sided 4in1 copying reduce the paper us- age by one fourth, and double-sided 4in1 copying reduces paper usage by one eighth. Specifying Finishing Settings Non-Sort The copies are fed out and stacked on top of each other as they are printed.


Verify the stored documents. When copying has finished, press the [Access] key again.

Touch [Energy Save Mode]. Secure User Box Functionality: Using The Touch Panel Number of copies: Exclusive Konica Minolta technology uses 2502f particles of smaller size and more consistent shape for crisper images and more legible text. Touch either [1] or [2] to select the stored custom paper size, and then touch [Enter].

A screen appears, showing the available Zoom settings. Close the duplex unit door. Grab the seal on the toner bottler, and then slowly pull it off toward you. Free Shipping On Imagistics imf Supplies imf. Shift Grouping Each page set is fed out shifted to alternating sides.

Note Be careful not to touch the my- lar. The pages can be copied with Center-erasing a blank area along the binding. Up to 8 items in the printing order can be displayed. Pull up the lever for the misfeed- clearing cover, and then open the cover.

The copies are printed. Touch [Enter] until the original screen is returned to. Auxiliary Functions A limit on the number of copies can be specified from the Administrator Management screen of the Utility mode. Fast Warm-Up, Economical Printing: Page Pull out the punch box.



Making Basic Copies To copy a book or copy while using less paper, touch [Orig. Page of Go. We do our best to fully describe the condition of each item.

Press the [Access] key. Slide the paper guides to fit the size of the paper to be loaded.

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Description Of The Screens The current settings are shown with graphics. The Custom Size screen appears. Then, touch select the length of side Y for the paper that is loaded. Page — — 2in1 2-Point Staple Document: